Survival Day!

We have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom in class, which is about Michael getting stranded on an island and having to survive with only an old man for company. On Tuesday 12th December, we had a survival day, where we went outside with Mrs Macleod to do lots of activities, such as: shelter building, tool crafting, scavenging and lighting fires. In tool crafting, we made whittled sticks using a potato peeler and a knife. Around base camp, Mrs Macleod showed us how to use flint and steel and we cooked some toast and baked beans. In foraging, we had to cross a ‘river’ and had to find some food. In shelter building, we made a shelter using tarpaulin and sticks, making sure it was secure and stable for the weather. In the afternoon, Mr Whyte gave us some tasks: build a raft, make a useable bed and come up with a way to write (not using paper or a pencil). We had a great day which was lots of fun. Thank you to everybody who helped out!
By Owen and Jayna


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